What Do You Want?


Professional Equipment

Equipo profesional

Equipped with international advanced high-speed machining centers, coordinate testers, etc.
Factory Size

Tamaño de la fábrica

Annual output of 100W pieces, timing caps, oil pumps and other aluminum products.
There are many varieties

Hay muchas variedades

We specialise in the development, production, sales and service of aluminium parts such as timing covers and oil pumps.
Highly qualified team

Equipo altamente cualificado

More than 300 employees, including 30 engineers and technicians, 20 quality inspectors.

Nuestro World-Class Product Offerings

We provide you with various brands of oil pumps. We provide efficient technical services, modern warehouses and logistics services to ensure that the oil pumps can be delivered to customers in time.
More <span class="brz-cp-color1">than 10 years</span>  oil pump parts  manufacturer

More más de 10 años oil pump parts manufacturer

Let our numbers illustrate our strong production capacity and ability to meet your different oil pump cover product needs.
oil pump production line
Highly-trained factory workers
Output per year
Factory total area

Personalizado oil pump according to your requirements

Can't find the right oil pump from our standard molds? Let us help you find the right model and have your oil pump built in 90 days.
20-30 days for primary design
45 days for mould opening
15 days to test the mould
If you have CAD drawing or specification of your design, please send us directly to get a quick quote.
No drawing? Tell your idea or show photos, let us help you to make it to a physical one.

Why Elegir Us?

Choose YUYi automotive oil pump, you will get reliable and high-quality products, which can provide your vehicle with a long-lasting and stable fuel supply, making your driving more reliable and smooth.
High-quality materials and workmanship
Materiales y mano de obra de alta calidad
Increase bearing life by 2-3 times Significantly improves bearing precision, heat generation and sound.
400 Per cent zero-defect process quality control
Control de calidad del proceso con cero defectos del 400 por ciento
Each product undergoes 78 processes to ensure product consistency. And adopt TS 16949 and ISO 9001, QS 9000, and VDA6.1 quality control and management system
Professional support and service
Soporte y servicio profesional
Provide customized solutions, pre-sales and after-sales support to meet customer needs and establish long-term partnerships.
Efficient Performance And Fuel Economy

Rendimiento eficiente y economía de combustible

El rendimiento eficiente y el ahorro de combustible de la bomba de aceite es una de sus mayores ventajas. El rendimiento eficiente puede hacer que el motor sea más estable, reducir el ruido y la vibración, y también aumentar la potencia de salida del motor. El ahorro de combustible puede reducir el consumo de combustible, reducir las emisiones contaminantes y también reducir el costo de uso para los propietarios de automóviles.

Our Service Always Go Extra Mile

Nuestro servicio siempre va más allá

Ya no tiene que perder el tiempo sin cesar con fabricantes de cubiertas de medidores de tiempo de mala calidad o proveedores de piezas de bombas de aceite.

En Yuyi Pump Company, nuestro objetivo es brindarle tranquilidad. Eliminamos el estrés de varias tareas y preocupaciones, como problemas de calidad, empaque y más.

Nuestro equipo te mantendrá informado del progreso de todo tu pedido.

Voces of Our Clients

I am happy to recommend YUYl. They sell one of the best automotive oil pump covers I have ever seen and I ordered a batch of oil pump covers from their website. Their service was quick and the packaging was beautiful to my satisfaction.
Purchase Manager
I bought a bunch of oil pumps and Yuyi's service was very prompt and courteous. Great oil pump, great quality, highly recommended!
Purchase Manager
First-class customer support! I have purchased a batch of oil pump covers and Yuyi's service was very quick and courteous. High-quality oil pumps, very professional oil pump supplier, highly recommended!
Purchase Manager
We provide you with various brands of oil pumps, please contact us, our professional team will provide you with the best service.